Dagmar Van Weeghel

Born in 1974, Dagmar Van Weeghel is a highly regarded photographer, currently living in the Netherlands. She studied Film and Photography at the Amsterdam University of the Arts and the Netherlands Film Academy. She worked as a filmmaker and as a freelance TV director/producer, before becoming a full-time photographer in 2015.


Dagmar's images promote women. Through Dagmar's eyes and with the woman's voice, the narrative unfolds - inviting viewers to connect with real stories and real people. Within each of her series, she focuses on telling stories inspired by the African female experience within the Diaspora. She works with female subjects (her " co-authors") to create imagery that dissects and explores themes of: identity, migration, cultural assimilation, racism and sisterhood.


Dagmar Van Weeghel's photographs have been exhibited in: Australia, the US, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands. Her art has received major recognition in the press and featured recently as part of the Vogue Italia, Photo Vogue Festival 2017. The Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Art (MoCADA) has acquired several of her photographs and she is perceived as one of the top emerging photographers to watch.