Peter Elungat

The Kenyan artist Peter S. Elungat was born in 1978 in Teso District, Western Province. The eighth child amongst a dozen siblings, he began developing an avid interest in drawing while still in the village. Peter was encouraged by his older brother, himself an artist, who provided his younger brother with basic art materials. His early drawings were of daily life, rural landscapes, and traditional homesteads.


Elungat received his primary education and attended secondary school for two years before dropping out in 1997, due to financial difficulties. He joined the Kuona Trust Art Studio in 1997 and attended numerous instructional workshops, and this remains his sole mode of art training to date.


Peter's canvases have a charming medieval quality, for which there is an ever-increasing appetite amongst the art buying public of Kenya. His canvases have grown in size in tandem with his client base; indeed, he is arguably the artist making the highest number of sales to local art collectors whilst also exporting his work to Canada, Singapore, the UK, amongst other countries.


2012 saw Elungat's first international travel to participate in an exhibition at Gazzambo Gallery in Madrid, Spain.