Bertiers was born in 1963 in Dagoretti, Kenya. He started his career in his teens as a commercial sign painter working for local bars, butcher shops, beauty parlours, and a brewery. Frustrated with the limitations of creative expression in his commercial work, Bertiers was encouraged by an American art gallery owner and he decided to take up painting full time. He selected the pseudonym "Bertiers" to attract attention from an audience abroad. He has exhibited in the USA, Kenya, Senegal, and Germany. He presently lives and works in Nairobi, Kenya.

His paintings are incredibly detailed and vivid in colour; they are humorous sketches of the intense urbanisation taking place in Kenya; shrewd in observations of the breakdown of traditional social values. They radiate the chaotic energy that these centres possess and are deeply wrapped in the political satire of the international and local events of the day.


Bertiers is also a sculptor, working primarily in scrap metal and projecting the same cheeky humour that his paintings are known for.


To date, Bertiers has had three solo exhibitions in Kenya, he has participated in many group shows abroad. His works are featured in prized collections in the USA, Europe, and Japan. In 2011, he held his first solo show at 'Fred' in London's East End.