Timothy Brooke

Born in England in 1942, Timothy Brooke and his family emigrated to Kenya in 1947. Brooke returned to London in the early 1960's and graduated with a Fine Art degree in 1965. During the next 15 years, Brooke travelled around Europe, including a ten-year stint painting and exhibiting in Ireland. He finally returned to Kenya permanently in 1980, where he has become one of East Africa's leading contemporary artists.


Brooke has actively pursued his painting career during the last two decades with shows in locations such as Warsaw, London, Dublin, New York and Nairobi. His works are to be found in public and private collections worldwide. He is well known in Africa for the many resort and corporate projects, collaborating with architects and designers. He is also best known for the series of 26 paintings created for the Norfolk Hotel in Nairobi.


Brooke lives with his wife and two daughters in Nairobi when he is not working at his studio at the foot of Mt. Kenya, or in the African bush.