John Kamicha has been around art for as long as he can remember. As the son of the well-known artist Zachariah Mbuthia, the colours of his early works resemble his father's. More recently, he has shifted to create his own palette. Lately, he is using Kanga fabric as his canvas and the resulting motifs create quite an experimental and splendid outcome.


In 2009, Kamicha created the concept shows "Stereotypes I" and "Stereotypes II." These shows questioned the violent events that took place after the 2007 Kenyan elections.


Kamicha has exhibited at the Goethe Institute, the GoDown Art Centre, the United Nations Environmental Program Headquarters, and a joint show at the Rahimtulla Museum of Modern Art, all located in Nairobi, Kenya. His community projects include workshops with street children and primary school children.