Cartoon Joseph

Cartoon was born in Ngecha in 1973, and was initiated into the world of painting at the Banana Hill Art Studio. He currently works from his home in Banana Hill, Kenya.


In 1994, his first paintings were bought by Gallery Watatu owner Ruth Schaffner, and resold to a Japanese collector. Since then, his international recognition has continued to blossom. German, French, and Korean collectors are amongst his main customers.


The artist works with oil on canvas and draws his inspiration from women going about their everyday activities. "Cartoon has developed a style in which he divides the faces of his figures proportionately, employing a variety of colours - which he says represent the many faces and tribes that make up the nation of Kenya." (Gazemba In Msanii Magazine, Issue 18, 2007)


To date, Cartoon has held numerous solo and group exhibitions both locally and abroad. In 2001, he won a Royal Art Scholarship, at the Royal Overseas League, in London.