Isaac Azaly

Born in 1985 in Mahajanga, Isaac whose real name is Zakaria Azaly lives and works in Antananarivo. He studied Visual Arts and Art History in Lyon, France. Isaac returned to Madagascar in 2007 and after a few years working in graphic design, he turned to painting full-time. His early works combine both figurative and abstract elements, while late compositions inspired by the street art of Yann Coudeor and C215 and the paintings of Keith Harring and Robert Combas embrace the techniques of stencil patterning, collage, free representation, bad painting, neo-expressionism and Afropop. Musical influences, in particular the album artwork covers of jazz and trip-hop are evident in Isaac's graphic style. Isaac's work is also informed by life in Madagascar, in particular the socio-political conditions endured by his fellow countrymen. In 2012, a solo exhibition L'Obersavtoire des idioties intellectuals revealed paintings dominated by the themes of alienation and melancholy.


A highly regarded personality in Madagascar, Isaac describes himself as an artist of Afropop art, which he defines as a mix of African-American, African, Franco-African and Malagasy cultures