Rafiy Okefolahan

Rafiy Okefolahan was born in 1979 in Porto Novo, and works across the spheres of painting, photography, video, and installation. He studied at the École Nationale des Arts de Dakar and completed a one-year residency at La Citè Internationale des Arts de Paris. Okefolahan's paintings draw inspiration from his immediate surroundings, African culture and the religion of Vodun.  Often viewed as mysterious, Vodun centres around the worship of spirits and deities. His works are also an expression of the everyday abuses of power and injustices in Benin. Okefolahan paints his environment and attempts to explore the world beyond what people see. His textured canvases are spontaneous, saturated with colour and often include text. The numbers that appear in Rafiy's paintings are Beninese telephone numbers. In the artist's hometown of Porto Novo, individuals write phone numbers on walls throughout the city and use these numbers as a type of contact book. Rafiy Okefolahan has exhibited in France, Spain and Belgium.