Ade 'Àsìkò' Okelarin is a self-taught Nigerian photographer born in 1978. He spent his formative years in Nigeria before moving to London in 1995. In the UK, Àsìkò attended Brighton University graduating with a degree in Chemistry.


His works are about "self-exploration and proliferate an internal conversation about culture, memory and identity." Àsìkò creates emotionally resonate images that are drawn from his experiences. Through his work, he explores the female form and the role of women in society -drawing from the modifications and adornments used by women to enhance, change and modify their bodies.


Àsìkò's vividly striking images are layered in light, mood, texture, and rooted in a narrative. The conversation he creates through his work present his take on African heritage - telling the story of how cultures express themselves aesthetically.


Àsìkò's works have previously been shown in exhibitions in Nigeria and the UK.