Mimi Shodeinde

Mimi Shodeinde started her career as an artist and interior designer after completing a degree in Interior Architecture at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh. She has been influenced by art from a very young age and was drawn to architecture and design. Her Nigerian heritage and her love of travel have enriched her practice, allowing her to assimilate different cultures and incorporate them into her designs. Each item of furniture is treated as a piece of sculpture because to Mimi, furniture is an artistic form of expression. She aims to personalize her designs to the individual’s lifestyle - each piece rendering itself into the environment where it is placed. Functional, yet sculptural and sophisticated, every piece of furniture is a gateway to her identity as a designer.


In addition to her painting and furniture design, Mimi is the Co-Founder of the charitable organisation ‘SHE.Creates.’ This charity has been established to help improve the lives of young women in developing regions by nurturing their creativity.