M - Marie Geneviève Morin

Marie-Geneviève Morin ('M')


Marie-Geneviève Morin, artistically known as "M", is recognised for her intense, raw and passionate style of working with multimedia materials. Her Haitian-Canadian origin is of great influence and her intuitive approach infuses the work with an energy barely contained within the boundaries of the canvas.


Born in 1970, M grew up in the suburbs of Montreal, Quebec where she still lives today. She was the youngest child in a family of five adopted children and the only person of colour in her Caucasian family - a situation that marked her childhood and left her with the feeling of being the "Black Sheep" of the group.


Being self-trained, M has successfully broken off with the conventional rules, instructions and expectations of the art world by producing unplanned, unstudied and unapologetic works of art. She works mainly in large format and attacks the canvas with a visceral process she calls "trashing". Additionally, in an extraordinary and unique way, M uses her own saliva to mix paint and her hand as a palette board - elements that demonstrate the spontaneity and the way she brings life and movement to her paintings.


The artist has chosen the name "M" as it rhymes with the French word "aime" from the verb aimer- to love and this enables one to understand the significant relationship M shares with her work. She only uses materials she loves and each artwork represents the time, physical space and mood she inhabits in the moment of creating them, which makes each of them unique. She has no regard for planned outcomes.


M sees her art as: "the expression of something deeply personal, which is tattooed on my DNA". As such, the characters, icons and messages which appear on the canvas represent the energy she is channelling, her spontaneous emotions and the materials within reach at that exact time. Her Haitian origin and African heritage are deeply present in her works. The recurring tribal patterns and totem figures represent an inner desire to connect to her roots.


Last year, M was the winner of the Vues d'Afrique, Visual Contest in Montreal, Canada. She has exhibited her works in solo exhibitions in Belgium and Canada, and has taken part in group exhibitions internationally.