30 September - 22 October 2016

The Gallery of African Art (GAFRA) is pleased to present the award winning Senegalese artist Momar Seck in a solo exhibition. Momar is based in Geneva, where he teaches at an international school, and Dakar. A visual artist, painter and sculptor, Momar places no limitations on his artistic practice, and the influences of his Senegalese heritage play an integral role in his expressions.


Through the use of recycled materials and discarded objects, Momar creates diverse works filled with colour and texture. While, to some observers, these scraps of textiles, wood, plastic, and tin collected from the streets of Dakar may seem like "rubbish", Momar's deft creations give them a "new life" - a ''symbolic charge''- which enables him to explore themes of cultural diversity and identity. Through his works he seeks to immerse the viewer in the realities of "everyday life" by evoking memories and traces of their origin which can in turn be shifted and transformed into distinctive works of art. His ''pluralistic units'' as he refers to them, display and symbolize the fragile interdependent unity between different cultures and cosmologies.


As Momar says: "Mon travail artistique est tiré de mon background culturel et se nourrit du contact avec les autres cultures."


Translation to English: "My artistic work takes its source from my cultural background, and it is nourished by the ongoing contact I have with different cultures."