23 February - 8 April 2017

The Gallery of African Art (GAFRA) is pleased to present the Ethiopian artist Daniel Soresa in a solo exhibition. Previously featured in a group show at the gallery, Soresa now has his first solo exhibition in the UK showcasing a selection of his new and recent works.


Born in Ethiopia, Soresa is currently based in Norway but has travelled extensively. He moved to Barcelona at an early age before later returning to his country of birth, where he immersed himself in art and became fascinated with colours and light. As a young adult he travelled in West Africa, and later settled in Bergen, Norway. His experiences of these various cultures have somewhat shaped his personal views and influenced his art. Through his practise, he explores his multi-cultural identity - forming a union between his heritage, culture and life experiences.


Soresa's abstract works are born of a medley of colours and are elaborated with pigments and full of texture. Texture adds another dimension to his works. The layers on the canvas create their own mysteries - drawing the viewer in to look closer, revealing intricate details, concealing narratives - all while adding depth and character. Soresa saturates the canvas creating rich works of art - the fusion of hues is intense. Reflecting the visual imagery that  fascinated him as a youth, he also focuses on the importance of light and how it impacts a piece. He describes his works as having, "a strong influence of African art, but seen with a western perspective."


Soresa's pieces are distinctive; they have a captivating and alluring charm, bursting with colour and life. Describing his practice, Soresa says: "Through my work I try to find the balance between the contradictions of everything that surrounds me..."