'POP-UP AFRICA': Nike Arts Gallery, Lagos

5 - 14 September 2013

The Gallery of African Art (GAFRA) is delighted to announce a new exhibition series showcasing galleries from the African continent. 'POP-UP AFRICA' aims to connect African art galleries and artists with new audiences overseas, and will co-exist with the gallery's established art programme. The series reaffirms GAFRA's commitment to give greater global visibility to contemporary visual art from across the region. The first exhibition will feature works from the Lagos based Nike Art Gallery. The eight artists taking part in the inaugural show are Muraina Oyelami, Tola Wewe, Nike Davies Okundaye, Tolu Aliki, Nyemike Onwuka, Kehinde Oso, Emmanuel Dudu and Ayoola. While unified by medium, the themes, subject matter and style of the works on display point to the rich diversity of Nigerian art production.


The Nike Art Gallery, Lagos is one of four art centres founded by Chief Nike Davies Okundaye. Known for reviving the traditional practice of tie-dye textile production in Nigeria, the Yoruba born designer is also a highly regarded painter. The gallery in Lagos is reported to be West Africa's largest, and also serves as a cultural centre where students can learn about traditional Nigerian arts and crafts.